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A FREE summer online one-on-one tutoring program run by high-school students to aid K-6 graders in their educational journey

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150+ tutoring sessions per week, 770+ hours volunteered by tutors



Geniusprep is driven to help students in two different ways. Students will receive 30 minute PRIVATE lessons once a week, and will be given a couple pages of homework to complete throughout the week. Parents can choose to have lessons focused on re-enforcing material learned in a student's class previously. Or, tutors can help students seeking to get ahead of their class.

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 For our writing/reading program, we will work through worksheets from trusted websites. Moreover, tutors will have children read from books, according to skill level. For the older students, tutors will work on perfecting grammar and developing the skills needed to write impressive essays. Advanced students may be asked to research a topic and write an essay using a variety of sources, or to write multi paragraph papers. Upon request, a tutor will work through materials given by a parent. 


For our math program, we will use worksheets provided by trusted websites to work on skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For advanced students, we will work on algebraic skills and using problem solving skills to solve real world problems. For middle school students we will specifically work on preparing students for the challenges of high school statistics, calculus and algebra. Upon request tutors will work through materials given by a parent.

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Geniusprep will match your child with a tutor that will suit your child's academic needs. Once a parent fills out a form, Geniusprep will send an email with your tutor's information and email. Your tutor will create a zoom code, and this is how you will have your lessons. You will use the same code each week.

During the first lesson, we will have a conversation with the student to understand where they stand in the subject area. We will use this information to help the student accordingly.



Are you a motivated student in grades 10+. If yes, sign up to be a tutor with Geniusprep. As a tutor you will develop leadership skills, gain volunteer hours, and have an opportunity to work with kids. Deadline to apply to be a tutor is May 1, 2021.
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